Beth Bills

Beth Bills
Meet Beth. Owner/Founder of East Texas Moms Blog. She is a born and raised East Texan who after moving away for 12 years, realized very quickly that coming home and raising a family where the roots are, wasn't all that bad. She has been married to Stephen for 17 years and they have two beautifully unique daughters, Keatyn (13) and Addilyn (10). Beth spends her free time (but really what is that) running, consuming decent amounts of wine and coffee with her friends and enjoying local food. She's a teacher turned entrepreneur. For many years she has run her own businesses from home, which has allowed her to learn so much about who she is, what her strengths are and ultimately lead her to here. She's passionate about her community and being a wife and mom. Though she loves her small town, she often dreams of more sidewalks for riding her bicycle with a basket.
stay at home

Things to Do While We STAY AT HOME | East Texas Moms

We've put our heads together as a team and found some things to do both ONLINE and OFFLINE while we STAY AT HOME! We also want to encourage you to SUPPORT LOCAL businesses as...
egg hunt

Neighborhood Egg Hunt {Printable} | East Texas Moms

This Easter season will look a bit different, so in our neighborhood we are going on an Egg Hunt to have some fun and get our family out and about for some activity. We've enjoyed...
Walt Disney World

Take Your Teens to Disney | East Texas Moms

WDW with older kids may be THE BEST EVER! Sure, we did Disney when they were younger. And it was either seen through rose colored glasses or I've blocked out anything that was bad because...

Oh Amazon, How We Love Thee! | East Texas Moms

We love shopping local. Like we really, really do. But let's be honest...sometimes my jammies and couch just win me over and that's where our beloved Amazon (preferably Prime) comes into play. I thought...

Test Driving for the Future | East Texas Moms Blog

Several weeks back we were given the opportunity to test drive a Chevy Silverado truck for one week. I haven't test driven a vehicle since 2010. No, I'm not kidding. When the truck was...
high school

Your Freshman Year: An Open Letter to My Daughter | East Texas Moms Blog

Dear Daughter, It's surreal. We sat in the car on your first day of Volleyball, just a few short weeks ago and you told me not to cry because you would too. You said, "Mom, stop...
this is 40

Today I’m 40! | East Texas Moms Blog

    Today is my birthday. But not just ANY birthday, TODAY I AM 40! #thisis40 When I sit with this, I immediately think to myself, HOW DID I GET HERE ALREADY?          I know all the things we...
packing for camp

Packing for Camp | East Texas Moms Blog

Our girls have gone to overnight camp for the past 7 summers. I feel like I can ALMOST speak as a pro about packing for camp at this point or at least a seasoned...
Low T

Learning It Was Low T | East Texas Moms Blog

It was my 38th birthday and I remember feeling a bit disappointed that my body really felt tired. Not just sleepy tired, but emotionally and physically. I don't know about you, but I didn't...

Be Challenged and Escape at Escapology Tyler | East Texas Moms Blog

We were thrilled to help welcome Tyler's newest set of escape rooms, Escapology! From the ease of making your appointment, to waivers, to checking in, this experience was truly one to repeat. We gathered up...