Beth Bills

Meet Beth. Owner/Founder of East Texas Moms Blog. She is a born and raised East Texan who after moving away for 12 years, realized very quickly that coming home and raising a family where the roots are, wasn't all that bad. She has been married to Stephen for 20 years and they have two beautifully unique daughters, Keatyn (15) and Addilyn (12). Beth spends her free time (but really what is that) running, consuming decent amounts of wine and coffee with her friends and enjoying local food. For many years she has run her own businesses from home, which has allowed her to learn so much about who she is, what her strengths are and ultimately lead her to here. She's passionate about her community and being a wife and mom. Though she loves her small town, she often dreams of more sidewalks for riding her bicycle with a basket.
Spring Time

A Change in Seasons | East Texas Moms

Interestingly enough, I started this post several weeks before Snowmaggedon 21 hit Texas. This post means way more to me now than it did weeks ago. Warmer temps, you are VERY WELCOME here. So.... Spring...

The Internet and Why I’m Loving It | East Texas Moms

I have a love hate relationship with the internet and social media. I’m sure most of us feel this way. It can be a lot. Like a whole lot. But a few weeks ago...
new year

Setting Family Goals :: East Texas Moms

I don't love the term New Year's Resolution. There is too much pressure. I even wrote about it here a couple of years ago. I always feel like we go into the holidays already...

20 Year Anniversary :: What I’ve Learned | East Texas Moms

Today we celebrate 20 years of being married. I'll be very honest and tell you that I take so much pride in this accomplishment. Marriage is hard y'all, but it is the most rewarding,...

Holiday Fun :: Christmas Kickoff

"In recent years we started a FUN new tradition. With a birthday, an anniversary and multiple Christmas celebrations in the month of December, we decided that a family Christmas Kickoff would be a fun way to start the holiday off right."

Have Some Fun : Disney Dinner Party | East Texas Moms

A Series about FUN! During the Quarantine of 2020, we got creative. We clearly had some time on our hands and decided to spice up dinner one night during the week. My youngest daughter had...
fall recipes

Easy Fall Recipes : Comfort Foods | East Texas Moms

These cooler temps ALWAYS make me feel like a better person. They also make me want to eat comfort foods. However, I need these foods to be easy to prep and yummy to my...
laundry stripping

Laundry Stripping :: Yes It’s All the Rage | East Texas Moms

Don't you just love it when you learn about a trend from social media that actually enriches your life?!? That's how I felt when I learned about the concept of Laundry Stripping. An account on...
distance learning

Navigating Back to School | East Texas Moms

Remember that day the parent became the teacher? Who knew that when we went on Spring Break that our kids wouldn’t return to traditional schooling for the remainder of the year. The only word I can...

How I Became a Bookworm | East Texas Moms

It was this time last summer that I realized I didn't want to spend ALL THE TIME on social media anymore. My brain felt full, but not full of the good stuff, just mushy...