An Arkansas girl, Ashley moved to East Texas with an Austin boy. She met Kyle while earning her Bachelors at the University of Arkansas. After working in Commercial Sales, her skill set has evolved into a child wrangler, melt down mediator and twin tamer. Firm believer that "balance" is merely an illusion and people who don't drink coffee aren't her kind of people.

Oh Crap Potty Method… Literally | East Texas Moms

Potty training twin boys hasn't gone very well. Sleep training went great, all things considered. Bottle feeding schedule was perfect. But potty training has become crappy. In SO many ways. People told me we would...

Missing Sunday Dinners | East Texas Moms

Born and Raised So many East Texans claim this as a badge of honor. I get it. Smaller towns. Community focused with family at it's core. As a transplant, this can be daunting. First, there's still...

The Magic of Trains | East Texas Moms Blog

There are certain themes all children adore: Dinosaurs, Farm animals, Fire trucks and Trains My personal favorite has become the trains. East Texas trains are truly unique. They shaped the area's history and are easily accessible...
stuck on you

Label Me Impressed | East Texas Moms Blog

A fabulous Southern Belle once said: "My rule is if it's not moving - monogram it." Thank you Lord for blessing us with Reese Witherspoon. Not only do I believe monograms to be a truly timeless...
off to work

Heigh Ho! It’s Off to Work I Go | East Texas Moms Blog

I went to work in December. It’s been a roller coaster. My family has been chasing what we assumed was “balance. All of my other working mom friends seemed to have had this down....
watchers of the wall

Watchers of the Wall | East Texas Moms Blog

With the highly anticipated final season of Game of Thrones, I find myself realizing that raising toddlers feels like a fight for the Iron Throne. Don't get me wrong... it's not as gruesome, but...
sleep training

Sleep Training Basics | East Texas Moms Blog

Sleep is a beautiful thing to me. I love sleep. I'm proud to admit that I have always liked naps. Having children really threw a kink in that. But I remained determined that like...

I’m Not A Playdate Mom | East Texas Moms Blog

“We should get the kids together?!” “Want to have a playdate?” “Let’s meet up for the kids to play!” I wont lie...every single time someone says these phrases to me, sheer panic shoots through...

Total Toy Domination | East Texas Moms Blog

To be fair, I lean on the OCD side. I function better when things are neat and orderly. I'm prone to "purge" more than I should. (I'm weird - Marie Kondo, you're a dear...
hormonal acne

Acne Again?! Please Help | East Texas Moms Blog

If you survived the teen years with acne, you may have breathed a sigh of relieve when it finally ended as an adult. Then like me, it flared back with a vengeance. Like as...