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As the mother of a senior, I decided to write about our experience this year. I first wrote in August about how it all began. Then the continuation of the journey. And now, we wrap things up. 

My son is going to graduate from high school this week.

Even in typing that my mind has trouble processing. 

So much has happened in the last few weeks.

We are knee-deep in awards and banquets and sending in photos for slide shows and party planning. I’ve done more ironing of his “fancy clothes” in the last month than like in his whole life. (And I’m really bad at ironing.) 

Every single event makes me so proud of him. I well up inside and am so happy for the moments of celebration in this season. I’m sure people are hiding me on Facebook because I am telling them about all the things unashamedly. 

This month is busy, but there’s so much relief for him. The AP testing is done, the most of the coursework is over, the college decision is made. Now he’s coasting. He’s enjoying the fruits of his labor. He’s just waiting to graduate. 

He’s chosen a college. He’s visited there with us. His dad made him drive there and talked him through the route. 

He’s making a list of what he will need for college. 

I’ve noticed something in this season of life. I was prepared for it to be hard. Everyone tells you how hard letting them go will be. I knew to expect that. But the thing that makes these transitions doable that I didn’t expect until this started happening is that they just feel right.

When you’re in the situation staring in the face of your grown-up kid, taking the next step of letting them go feels easy and right.

You say yes with ease even if your heart is breaking a little. You give them the reigns. You take responsibilities out of your own backpack and put them in theirs one at a time. And then before you know it, several steps have happened and they have one foot out of the nest.

It’s so hard but you do it because it’s also so right. And the fact that it feels right means that maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the way we did figure out what we were doing in this parenting thing. 

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When Katy was 20, she married an Aggie that grew up in the Amazon jungle. She and her husband are full-time missionaries and lived for two years on a small island with their then-toddlers. Now she is a SAHM of three living in Lindale. Her husband travels internationally a good bit and she spends most her time being taxi to their 15, 13 and 10 year olds to their bazillion activities. She started a blog, Pieces of the Story, to tell about some of their adventures. Her favorites: Jesus. Cooking food her family loves. Mother-daughter shopping in either role. Organizing and logistics. Mexican food on rainy days. Not great with: Crowds and motion in tight spaces. Board games. Pretending of any sort. Ironing or sewing. Living things other than people. Check out Katy's blog here at https://katypayne.wordpress.com