Ultimate Packing List for Soccer Tournaments

Soccer Tournament
Soccer Tournament

I love watching my girl play soccer and this past year we have been introduced to the world of soccer tournaments.  As someone who LOVES organization and being prepared, the first soccer tournament was a bit overwhelming.  Of course, I checked Pinterest to see what others had to say about packing for soccer tournaments, but I was surprised to find very few articles.  After talking with other moms from the soccer team and watching what they brought to the fall tournaments, I have decided to make my own “Ultimate Packing List” for soccer tournaments.

Most important is the Player’s Bag.

Player's Backpack
Soccer Backpack
  1. Uniform
  2. Cleats
  3. Soccer Ball
  4. Socks and Shin guards (Extra socks, they get wet during games.)
  5. Undergarments (Pack plenty of extras!  No one likes to stay in sweaty unders all day.  It’s nice for your player to have a dry change between games.)
  6. Water Jug with player’s name
  7. Cooling Towel (we like Frogg Toggs)
  8. Slides (for relief from cleats between games)
  9. Hair Bands
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Inhaler

Soccer Mom Gear

Soccer Mom's Bag
Ultimate Packing List for Soccer Tournaments
  1.  Chair (One for each adult.)
  2. Umbrella (Usually used more for the sun than rain.)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Hat and Sunglasses (Did I mention the sun can be brutal!)
  5. Picnic Blanket (For younger kids to spread out and get comfortable. I like the kind that folds into its own bag.)
  6. Water Bottle (S’well is my favorite; stays ice cold all day, even in the sun.)
  7. Phone and Camera
  8. Bag (One of my friends showed up with an Igloo Duo bag and we all had to have one.  There is a cold side, a dry side, and a zipper pocket big enough for wallet, phone and keys. Of course, since we all wanted one, we had to get monograms!)
  9. Optional:  Sports Wagon (We don’t use one of these, but some of our friends think they are the best.)
  10. And don’t forget the first aid kit and pain meds!
Soccer Tournament First Aid Kit
Soccer Tournament First Aid Kit


Soccer Snacks
Soccer Tournament Snacks
  1.  Water, Water, Water!
  2. Other drinks
  3. Healthy snacks
  4. Fun snacks

Of course, there are usually concession stands, but that can get really expensive.  We like to take a big cooler with all the snacks and leave this in the car.  I fill my Soccer Mom bag (see above) with the snacks and drinks we need for each game.  If you have other kids with you, they will need a lot of snacks to stay happy while watching the soccer games.  Your soccer player needs plenty of good, protein filled snack options, too!

And What Do I Wear???

Soccer Tournament Mom
Soccer Tournament Mom Outfit

Soccer tournaments are not a fashion show!  Comfort is definitely the number one concern, but no need to totally ditch the cuteness. Hair up, comfy pants, Nikes and just a little jewelry is all you need.  You may have seen on the East Texas Moms Blog Instagram feed that these Under Armour pants are my new favorites (I have two pairs).

Now You Can Be Soccer Tournament Ready!

I hope this list is helpful.  This list could be used for baseball tournaments, gymnastic meets, or any other events that you moms and kids are enjoying.  Please comment and let us know your must-haves!

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  1. Thanks Lisa! I just ordered the bag and pants. I should be comfy and well organized for baseball games starting Monday:)

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