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Several weeks back we were given the opportunity to test drive a Chevy Silverado truck for one week. I haven’t test driven a vehicle since 2010. No, I’m not kidding. When the truck was delivered to my home it was a treat because I had done zero research, so I was ready to be WOWed. My job was to go about my “normal” life and drive the truck.

Honestly, I wasn’t really prepared for how the week would go and what this little test drive would actually present to us as a family. It dawned on me as I was checking out all the features and paying close attention to safety and what this vehicle would mean to me as a mom, that in the not so distant future, we would be putting our daughter behind the wheel of car (or truck). This changed my whole goal and perspective for the week. 

One of my most favorite features is that the keys cannot be locked in the vehicle. I can remember, as a teen driver, the first time I locked myself out of my truck. I had to call my dad and he was none to happy with me about having to leave his place of work (he owned a towing company at the time) to come do a job for free. I was taking him away from paying jobs. AND let’s be honest, as a mom, most days I have 25 things going on at once and my keys are usually the last thing I’m thinking about, so this is a plus feature for a busy family and teen driver. (I get it, WE ARE TOO BUSY!)

test drive

Holding a very close second to the keys is the reminder when you shut the engine off. REAR SEAT REMINDER. LOOK IN REAR SEAT. Whether you are a teen driver or an adult, this reminder is HUGE. I don’t have to say anything else about it. It speaks for itself. 

When I think specifically about my teen, I liked the sheer size of the vehicle. It didn’t seem too big, but felt safe. It wasn’t hard to park or work in and out of parking lots at schools and restaurants. PLUS, we love the backup sensors!

We felt like we had enough room to make an overnight trip. Our girls had their “road trip” bags and we stored our overnight bags in the bed of the truck with a secure bedcover protecting our things from a torrential downpour. (Yes, that happened and everything stayed dry!) 

test drive

Some fancy features that didn’t make us sad were the WiFi, the power tailgate, the roomy interior and the Teen Driver. We also felt like the truck got great gas mileage for in town and a quick trip to deep East Texas over the weekend. We made a tank of gas last all week and we were in it everyday! 

All in all, I’d give the experience a double HIGH FIVE and recommend it to my mom friends!



While we were in partnership with Chevrolet, these opinions are my own!

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