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My family and I recently had a “Great Gatsby” themed party. We played a game where we had to guess the slang from that era. To be honest (TBH), I had an easier time guessing the meaning from one hundred years ago than trying to decipher what my nine and thirteen-year-old are saying sometimes (LOL- laughing out loud).

I’ve called on some Facebook friends and a really cool (Gucci) cousin and we gathered a list of slang used by youngsters at this moment in 2020. **Side note: this list will most likely be old and obsolete (boomer) by the time you read this.

2020 Slang in no particular order (NPO- I made that one up):

Grip: money

Sus: suspicious; sketchy

Bet: okay; prove it

Lit: anything cool

Tea: gossip

Drip: bling; jewelry

Bougie: high maintenance; fabulous (many meanings found)

Cap: lies

Gucci: awesome; cool

Gotti: gotcha

Glizzy: hotdog

Spicy: being dramatic

Ratchet: bad; sketchy

Cringe-worthy: embarrassing

Period”t” (emphasis on the “t”): “That’s all I have to say”; “Enough said.”

Bruh: bro; a person

Boomer: old; a person considered old

Goat: acronym for “Greatest of all time”

Skurt: go away; move out of the way

Extra: trying too hard; being dramatic

Woke: knowledgeable

Noob: a person who is new or new to something

No cap: “I’m being for real” or “for real?”

Spill the tea: to tell gossip

Sip the tea: listen to gossip

I like your cut, G: “I like your haircut/ hairstyle, man/girl.”

Help a momma out! Know more slang? Share your knowledge and keep us “woke”.

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