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My son and I had a date back at the end of May to high school graduation. We watched his friends a grade ahead of him walk across that stage and receive their diplomas, both trying not to mention that it would be his turn next year. 

But believe me, dear mothers, that BEFORE that event, the senior story was already unfolding. 

Mid-May of his JUNIOR year we got the notice in the mail for cap and gown photos with an appointment set in June.

Mind you, this is before the previous class has even graduation. So if you were considering that you’d have a nice space of time to ease into this senior year thing slowly, just no. Just give that idea up. Because let me tell you what is going to happen.

You’ll find yourself mid-June, almost an entire year before the child even is set to graduation, at the senior photo session. They’re putting the cap and gown on  him. THE CHILD IS STANDING THERE IN THE CAP AND GOWN!! You thought you’d see what that looks like, say. a few days before graduation, right? Wrong again, people. A whole year before. 

Nothing throws a punch in your gut and awakens you to the reality of your child’s senior year quite like kicking it off a year early with the cap and gown photo session. 

From there, it’s a rush of things. You start thinking about all the last firsts. The last first day of school is here. This was your last summer with your baby as “your baby”. The last football season. The last concert.  All the lasts are heading your way. 

This is my first born. He’s been spreading his wings over the last few years and stretching me.  I haven’t done this before. I know some people say it gets easier and some say it gets harder with each child. I can’t say either yet, but I can chronicle this journey. 

I generally find that what I’m feeling is what I can write about the best. This year, I’m gonna be feeling all the feels of being mom to a senior. So I plan to continue this series on “My Son’s Senior Year”.  I plan to chronicle the joys, surprises, frustrations, emotions and all the hoopla that comes with this whole process of “finishing off” this kid. 

So here is the picture of his last first day of school. Yes, I made his lunch. Yes, I wrote him a sweet note. And yes, there was a special breakfast and photo session, full of photogenic smiles from his sisters and very little effort from him as you can see here. 

His last first day of school.

While he drove himself and his sister to school, I may have shed some tears as they left. 

And so begins my son’s senior year. 


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