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Potty training twin boys hasn’t gone very well. Sleep training went great, all things considered. Bottle feeding schedule was perfect. But potty training has become crappy. In SO many ways.

People told me we would get the hang of it, but they LIED to me! Now we’re only 3, so I think there’s time. But every time another mom spills her joy over the 3-day method, I want to throat punch her. 3-day method was a complete failure here.

Oh Crap Potty method not working either. Speaking of the “Oh Crap” method there’s been SO much poop. Literally.

Example 1:

Training naked backfired. Sweet little boy nailed peeing in the potty when he was naked. He didn’t want to wear anything. Already did #2 business earlier that day so I let him nap naked. Rookie mistake. Put the little potty for him easily accessible and put them down for nap. Babysitter arrives and I leave while they’re napping.

Then the text arrives:

poop text

My child attempted to poop on the potty. Missed it. Didn’t know how to wipe his bottom. Scooted like a dog in 3 rows on the carpet. Then went back to sleep. Y’all. It was a DISASTER. We had a house showing an hour later. The babysitter received hazards pay.

Example 2:

One of my children HATES to poop. He will go hide, poop and then hide the diaper. This unfortunate ordeal occurred during quiet time. Tried to hide the diaper in his room. But, he needed help wiping. His caring twin brother wiped his bottom for him. They advanced from the carpet scoot but wiped with his BARE hand. Then proceeded to wipe off his hands on the carpet and the walls. I’d like to say this story gets better, but it gets worse. Real fast.

Hearing odd sounds from their room during quiet time, I start to investigate. If you have a loyal dog, your dog follows you around the house. I open the door and the dog runs in. The dog then rolls in the floor. Smearing the mess on himself and deeper into the carpet. The cleanest boy in the room is the child who actually pooped.

For those on the potty training struggle bus, I offer you my sincere apologies. It’s just oh so crappy. Literally.


  1. Boys! there’s probably many people out there gasping at your ordeal. But the struggle is REAL. I raised three boys. While potty training I sat him in his potty chair the kind with the tray for snacks or whatever that was for 🤦‍♀️ It was taking a while and he was safe I darted down the short hallway to the kitchen got caught by my mom and she had to feel the new baby bump 🙄that obviously TOOK longer than I thought 😜😬 tugging my leg was my potty training toddler covered from head to toe in you know what!🙀🤢 I took hold of the clump of hair on the top of his head and guided him back to the restroom for clean up. Upon entering the restroom I see he not only painted himself but also the entire bathroom 😬😬😬 how did he have that much poo let alone time enough to paint all that ?? 🤭 There ya go YOU go. That was a story from 1981. Sad but True….don’t laugh too much…it could happen to you. 😁🤣😂 good news is he is currently artist 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I could not make this up.

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