Month Seven as the Mother of Three: What’s for Dinner? | East Texas Moms Blog


“Mom, I don’t know what we’re having for dinner, and I don’t really want to think about it. How do single moms do this??” I whined about “adulting” and about this season in our lives to my mother. I am such a wuss.

Just a “season”

Part two of the new additional job in our family commenced this month, and crap just got real. Peak season began in my husband’s side job, which means he goes in to work at 1:00am. As a result, his day looks like this:

  • Get up at midnight or earlierseason
  • Get to work by 1am
  • Work until 9am
  • Go to full time job
  • Work full day
  • Go home
  • Eat
  • Go to bed at 6

He is exhausted, and rightly so. This means the girls and I function autonomously of his help right now, and the resulting impact on each of us is apparent. I function as a single parent, which drains my energy, and at least one child has begun acting up because Daddy works a lot more than normal.

Here is the deal: I count us fortunate that this job arrangement will last only for a season. If this were the “norm,” it might be less shocking to each of our senses. But right now, it’s hard. What his hard work has provided for our family is immeasurable, and I couldn’t love him more for the sacrifice he is making.

Beautiful Things

seasonOne of the brightest spots in this hard time is the bonding that has happened with the three girls. The two oldest play well together for the most part, and the youngest is cheerful and thriving and such a joy. It brings me to tears to think about how much they love each other, even when they are bickering. I love them so much.

The youngest keeps us laughing. She crawls and cackles and chatters all the live-long day.  Frequently, she comes with me to work, which is only okay so long as I get my work done and do not hamper others from completing theirs. I and others find her to be delightful, and though my apprehension about having a third child was mostly founded, I cannot imagine life without her.

We will make it! Month seven has proven we are capable, and this season will be fruitful in ways I never expected but could only hope, I’m sure.