Why I Date My Son


He’s only little once!  And while he is little, and I am the love of his life, I will date him:)  These are the reasons dating my son are top priority to me:

  1. I want to teach him how to be a gentleman.  Chivalry will not die with Dryver Cowart!
  2. I want to show him how to act on a date.  Not only being a gentleman but being a good listener, a good friend, good company…
  3. I want to teach him how to manage his money.  When we go out he takes the money in his wallet and it is his responsibility to pay for dinner, entertainment and dessert.  I try to really use this time to teach him how to spend his money wisely.
  4. I want him to have creative date ideas.  It does not always have to be dinner and a movie.  We try to be creative in our date nights.  Dates should be about FUN!
  5. I also want to show him how HE should be treated and not just how he should treat his date.  I want to be thankful for things we do and show him respect for his planning and all that we do together.
  6. I want to create lasting memories with him.  YES it is a teaching/learning time but more importantly it is a time for he and I to create lasting memories together.  Selfishly, I want to instill in him that “Mom is FUN”!
  7. I want to give him ample time to talk.  This is a great time that we are together with no interruptions.  As he gets older I want him to be able to open up and talk to me about anything and everything.
  8. I want us to have this time to make each other feel special.  I want him to know he is a child of God. He is incredible just the way God made him and he does NOT need to change for ANYONE.  I want him to find someone, someday ( a long time from now) that loves him for him!

His silly face on our last date night. Olive Garden one of our faves!

His silly face on our last date night. Olive Garden is one of our faves!

Commit today to start dating your son.  Nothing crazy or elaborate.  We go on a date once a semester. And we try to go once during the summer.  That’s only 3 times a year.  That makes it so special!

If you already date your son leave a comment and let us know what you guys like to do on date night.  We would love to hear your ideas:)

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Katherine and her husband, Justin, were both born and raised in Lindale. They were the best of friends in Junior High and High School. They started dating at 16 and married at 20. Right after High School they attended SFA together. After college, they were missionaries in Washington state for a year. When she got a call from her sister saying she was pregnant, she told her husband it was time to move back to Texas. Family is a big deal to her. She has been a teacher in Lindale for 10 years. After years of infertility they were blessed with a son, Dryver and she stayed home with him for 3 years. He is 10 now and totally awesome! Her husband is also a teacher and he coaches football and track. They are big fans of any sport! On the weekends they are at a sporting event, camping or curled up with a good book and a big cup of coffee. They have fostered 7 children over the past 2 years. They recently adopted one of their foster loves. A 5 year old boy named Fielder. They are looking forward to all that God has in store for them in this crazy life as they parent these 2 crazy-fun-full of energy boys!


  1. Love this idea! The whole concept is a great teaching tool and most importantly, a relationship builder with your child. Thank you for posting!

  2. Great reminder of how each child deserves special alone time with Mom!! We are going to start date night this month❤️

  3. I love this idea! When my son was little, he used to love dates with me where we would go to the library and then to get donuts. I still love dates with him. We just started having him practice paying and I think it’s so neat that you are teaching your son this so early.

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