My Current Baby Favorites | East Texas Moms


As a Mom of 3 we have been through PLENTY of products over the years. We have spit out, tossed, and donated plenty of things we didn’t like. So when one kid LOVES a product, then the next kid LOVES is too, and the next – we have a winner!

Those are the products I end up buying for new moms and promising them that they can’t live without!

So, here are some of my current faves for you…baby items

For tummy troubles we use a combination of Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water and Little Remedies Gas Drops. Here’s what I do – at the first sign of fussiness when you are fairly certain it’s tummy problems I give the recommended dose of Gripe Water. Usually that fixes it. When it’s 2 am and you have no idea why your sweet baby is up crying, this is what I grab for. If I know for sure they ate something that is causing tummy problems I go ahead and use the Gas Drops. The difference is that gripe water is more all natural so I don’t mind using that more often, but sometimes you gotta go ahead and move up to the gas drops.

Diaper Rash. UGH. Read my full article HERE on how to treat a diaper rash. My favorite products for diaper rash are A&D Treatment Cream and Boudreax Butt Paste for barrier cream. When a diaper rash first starts to appear I use A&D every time I change a diaper, and then once the rash is starting to clear up I switch over to Boudreax’s as a barrier cream every time I change the diaper until the rash is fully gone.

Our favorite teething toy is the RaZbaby! This teether looks like a raspberry shaped pacifier. It has these tiny little bumps all over it (just like a raspberry) that really help the irritated gums where the new tooth is coming in. Whenever a little one is getting a new tooth we will have 3 of them floating around the house and diaper bags. After 3 kids we ditched the giraffe and have kept the RaZbaby!

My favorite is baby snacks for the diaper bag! Because throwing a banana in a diaper bag for the day only leads to a messy disaster. So we grab for the Gerber baby yogurt melts (any flavor) and Parent’s Choice organic rice rusks – banana and strawberry flavors.

We all have our faves! What are yours? Share those with us!