About Us


What is East Texas Moms Blog?  We are THRILLED that you asked!

We are part of a nationwide network. 

We belong to the City Moms Blog Network, a national network of sites dedicated to being the number one parenting resource websites in their communities. Through the City Moms Blog Network, we are able to bring well known national brands to the moms in the East Texas area, and partner with those brands to help make being a mom in East Texas a little easier!

We desire to be a community that fosters confident moms.  

Our goal at East Texas Moms Blog is to create a community both online and off.  Being a mom/parent isn’t always easy.  We hope to create a space that allows you, as a mom, to feel supported, encouraged and even educated through our content, events and the relationships that we build.  We want to foster a community of moms who want each other to win the day and raise children who bring good things to this community.

We are a team, working as one.  

East Texas Moms Blog is made up of a group of moms with an array of different perspectives, beliefs and ages.  We work as a team to bring you, the reader, a variety of content about motherhood.

We are East Texans.

We are moms who live right here in East Texas.  We are raising our children in today’s society.  Our goal is bring you information about our different experiences, knowledge and the goings on in the East Texas area.  Our goal is to bring East Texas moms together.

Please join us as we grow and become the number one parenting resource website in the East Texas area!